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Cafe staff(sales and planning)WANTED!!

株式会社Tastea Trustea Japan

About us

We try to prepare for such working environment as employees don't feel uncomfortable.
And also we have hired many foreign employees.

Our philosophy is 「Relieve people of stressful condition」
It means that we are aiming at serving comfortable space as customers can relax.
It's not for only customers but employees too.
In our company, employees can communicate with managers, and you are able to be properly assessed by them if you work your job hard.

About our Business

We are planning and conducting many kinds of events for 20 years.
And we start to operate retails and stores by making use of these experience.
We can make some business sucessed(like kick boxing gym, self whitening), and from this year we start to operate Taiwanese tapioca shop "COCO".
"COCO" has more than 2000 retails all over the world.
We engage in "COCO" business as representative in Japan area, and we hope you to be the bridge Taiwan and Japan.

Our expectation

  • You can experience wide variety of jobs

  • Let's expand business with us!

We want you to be the bridge Taiwan and Japan!
You can make use of your Chinese or English skills!

If you are decided to work with us, you'll work at both retail shop and headquarter.
Our tapioca drink is known all over the world, and a lot of foreign customers visit to our shop. So we want those who can work as global bridge like you.

And, in headquarters, you are required to do business with representative in Taiwan. So we are expecting you to make use of your skill there.

Data of global recruitment

4 people 




特にありませんが、海外研修を行っています。 ※上記外国人社員数には、アルバイト社員も含みます。  

Recruiting Description


Permanent staff (Expanding business)

Native Level  ・ Business Level

English  ・ Chinese

Yushin building 3F, 3-27-11,Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

10:00 ~ 19:00 / 8 working hours

Monthly salary : ¥210,000  ~ ¥250,000   Can Salary increase

Pay Upper limit 50

Pay 年1回

Paid Leave・Summer Leave・New Year Leave・Wedding and funeral Leave・Childbirth Leave・Child Care Leave・Care Leave

Health Insurance   Pension Insurance   Employment Insurance  Compensation Insurance

Company Overview

株式会社Tastea Trustea Japan  


1997 年 01 月

10 人 2016 年 09 月現在

Yushin building 3F, 3-27-11, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Japan

Kaori Sato