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Media writer, editor&management


About us

our mission is "To eliminate the border in people's mind through the travel." We change the definition of travel, and try to move the world in just little bit better direction. We develop and manage "Compathy" -travel planning and record sharing site based on the concept of "travel collection." and "Compathy Magazine"-the travel magazine to extract the value of the travel.
We deploy advertising business on "Compathy Magazine," and plan to work on novelty business that disrupt the conventional tourist industry on "Compathy."

About our Business

We aim to help people to eliminate the border in mind, understand and respect the culture of different countries by managing travel magazine"Compathy Magazine" and our travel record service "Compathy." Also, we perform community activities vigorously in the "real world" like holding a country-themed event or a culture experience event thorough not only online, but through the "Compathy's" user community.

Our expectation

  • There are a lot of foreign worker!

  • Our office locates in Shibuya

We look for new writer&editor of our media contents!
You are required to make article in Chinese about travel information.
And also, you manage our site to increase the number of traffic.
[Overview of the work]
1. Writing and editing the articles about travel information around the world in Chinese.
2. Analyzing the site performance and taking improvement measures for the media site's growth.

[Our media & Main service "Compathy"]
-Compathy Magazine
*English: http://blog.compathy.net/en/
*Japanese: http://blog.compathy.net/
*Chinese: http://blog.compathy.net/zh/

This media has been started in Japanese language first and now there are more than a million page views per month.
We're still trying to make the best practice of the content marketing media business.

[Required experience]
- Experience of writing the articles, editing and managing the website in any media site
= > If this experience is not with you, we will offer you the internship contract with 3,000 yen / day.

- Native or business level of Chinese(Mandarin)

Data of global recruitment

5 people 


Possible (英語、中国語)



Recruiting Description

Part time Employee

Content marketing media writer & manager

Simple Phrase OK

English  ・ Chinese  ・ 日本語

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-2-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan

10:00 ~ 19:00 / 5 working hours

It's also possible to work at least 5hours between 10am and 19pm

Daily wage : ¥1,875  ~ ¥3,000   Can Salary increase

Pay Full amount

Not pay

If you haven't experienced writer or editor of article, you are hired as intern(Daily wage is ¥3000)

2-days off a week. But in case of you are busy, you can take a holiday

Compensation Insurance

Company Overview



2013 年 06 月

12 人 2015 年 12 月現在

#102 Sansin Mansion, 2-2-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Kentaro Horie