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About us

◆"Khaosan" hostel group is the best and biggest hostel chain operating 10 hostels in Japan!
Our hostels locate in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido, and each hostel has its own good point. We do not imitate the successful story. Our business expanding with future in mind is one kind of entertainment. We keep to generate business with our innovative method.

◆We generate one of the platforms that appeal Japan!
We operate local hostels which are based on local tradition and culture.

◆We think that Hostel is not just for Backpackers!
We try to generate new businesses that pursue hotel's possibility. Today, hostel is becoming more and more well known in Japan, but a lot of Japanese still think almost all the users of hostel are backpackers. We have planned many kinds of hostels for not just backpackers but also for families and groups of young people or older people since we established in 2004. We'd like to generate hostels where multiple customers can stay and relax.

About our Business

◆We want more kinds of people to use our hostels. We hope that they can enjoy to communicate with each other and exchange their values and ideas.
We want to create the opportunity for various kinds of people to meet others whom they have never met before.

◆We believe that once multiple global people gather our hostel, they can understand each other.
Regardless of their their nationality or their country's relationship, travelers can be good friends. We believe that chain can lead cross-fertilization and problem solving between countries.

Our expectation

We operate hostels that can be chosen by many kinds of travelers (solo travel, family travel, or group travel) from any countries.

【What we expect from you】
・to understand cultural difference
・can serve in English (Chinese speaker also favorable)
・can do basic PC operation
・we favor those who can work longer
・we favor those who can transfer

Work contents
・hostel operation (reception work, telephone and mail service, cleaning, repairing, bed making etc.)

If you love traveling, are interested in hostel operation, empathize our business, please do not hesitate to contact us!

※N2 or more required
※You can make use of English, Chinese, Korean, Thai etc...

Data of global recruitment

9 people 





Recruiting Description

Contract Employee

hostel operation, translation

Business Level

English  ・ Chinese  ・ Korean

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Ishikawa, Shizuoka

00:00 ~ 23:59 / 9 working hours

・Shift work : 8:00~17:00, 13:00~22:00-can be different ・1 hour break ・favor who can work both shif

Monthly salary : ¥210,000  ~ ¥220,000  

Pay Upper limit 0

Not pay

salary can be negotiable upon your skills and experience

Paid Leave・Special Leave・Wedding and funeral Leave・Childbirth Leave・Child Care Leave・Care Leave

Annual leave days: 118 days

Health Insurance   Pension Insurance   Employment Insurance  Compensation Insurance

staff dormitory

Company Overview



2004 年 01 月


35 人 2018 年 02 月現在

3-2-11-3F Matsugaya, Taito-ku, TOKYO

Hiroshi KOZAWA