The Policy is based on Article 9 of 「Divergent」, Company will manage the personal information.
Company will provide「Service」(Refer to [this service ], you will have to agree with this policies and please read through the policies.

Article 1 (What is Personal Information)

Personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) is the information enabling to identify Users with their names, addresses, e-mail addresses. (Images, Photos and voices etc.). Whenever there is any information that is not be able to identified, will be able to match other information to identify with the person.

Article 2 (Purpose of Use)

Company will be able collecting personal information and the information, status of interview provided to different companies (It will all be called「Personal information」) then collecting and using for the purposes mentioned below

1. Providing suitable job application and recruitment information

2. Providing suitable job application and recruitment information for other companies and partners companies.

3. This service including all other services that provided by Company.

4. This service will be sending to email about the information provided

5. Listening to how user is using their service and results

6. Listening to the users on ideas or expectation in improving of service quality

7. The information provided by different service, questionnaire or campaign activities.

8. Company website is mainly focusing on marketing activities, in order to improving on user-friendly and quality of service.

9. Action, supporting and advices of recruitment companies, recruiting activities.

If Users is using telephone to contact Company, in order to improving the correct contents and reconfirmed the quality of receiving telephone service.

Article 3 (Provided by Third Party)

1. Basically we will not be able to provide Personal Information to third party except for the contents states on Article 2. The method and contents of information that we can provide to third party will be stated below.

(1) Contents Provide: Name/ Date of Birth/ Contact Method/ Age/ Gender/ Education background/ Desired Conditions/Information that is able to provided to other companies.

(2) Method: Contact through encryption email.

2. If there is any condition that Company need to provide information to third parties, they will have to get permission from User.

3. Once Company has the permission from User, this will be requirement to sign reliable information preservation with Third Party will then we able provided through letters or delivering personally etc.

4. Except methods mentioned above, there are two different ways that they can send information without permission from Users.

(1) When the information is related to legal issues

(2) When Users has clarified about providing information to Third Party.

Article 4 (Responsibility about providing information to Third Party)

1. If there is any information leakage that mentioned below will be responsible of Company

(1) If User providing own information to specified company through Divergent services.

(2) User applied information to certain events through Divergent services

(3) User provided information to link website through Divergent service

(4) Ignored terms of use of Company and giving our own ID and password to others.

2. Company will not be responsible or involving in any information trouble causing by User and other companies.

Article 5 (Outsourcing Personal information managing)

1. Company will be handling all the Personal information and part of management will be outsourcing.

2. While outsourcing Personal Information to other companies, Company will be responsible in choosing the consignee, which can fulfill standard in handing with Personal Information.

Article 6 (Limitation in collecting secret information)

Basically Company would not required secret information mentioned below (Refer to “Secret Information”). If Users are providing Company with their Secret Information, if there is any need of providing Secret Information to Third Party while introducing jobs, Company will need to get permission from User to provide information to Third Party.

(1) Related issue about thoughts, rules and religions.

(2) Races, nations, family background, (Other Information about residential information), physical, mental disability, criminal history background and discrimination from society.

(3) Participating in employers group or group negotiation or any related activities

(4) Participate in group-manifestation, activities of right to petition or any related government right activities.

(5) Medical insurance and personal sexual life.

Article 7 (Relativity of Personal Information)

Insure all the Personal Information are latest and valid, which will be the responsibility of Users.

Article 8 (Published, adjusted and deleted Personal Information and proving information)

1. Company will be able to decide how they would like to use their Personal Information, publishing contents, adjusting, adding and deleting, also stop providing information to Third Parties (Refer to “Publish”), Company should be able to manage.

2. Except for above actions, fi there is any related unpublished information that will be a hindrance of operation of Company, this will not suits for any legislation and legal issues to requested published.

3. Any adjustment or delete

will need to send Email belowEmail:


4. According to the policy, Company will provide related Personal Information (Refer to “Provided Information”) and each company with related rules will manage in appropriated manners. As a results, if Users requested published those information to companies, this will then required Users to contact with companies directly.

5. While Company is signing contact with outsourcing companies within the range of using purpose, Company will need to provide public information coincided with Article 1 and 2. Information will be managing by other companies, which will be same as rules above, any operation of publishing the information will need to contact other companies, which are related.

Article 9 (Appropriate management of Personal Information)

1. Based on the Employment Security Law Article 5, 4 (Management of Personal Information of Job hunter), if there is any unlawful access, lost of Personal Information, damage, change or leakage etc., which are all risk about Personal Information, Company will always put effort on reasonable safety measures.

2. If Company is terminating the service according to law, the Personal Information will be kept for certain for period. After the period, all the information will be deleted.

Article 10 (Use of Statistics Data )

Company or third party website will be able to edit, publish or even transfer to other different media for sales purposes with User condition except for the Personal information.

Article 11 (Getting Personal Information without knowing the person)

In order to protect Users private policy and getting data to increasing the convenience, the data will be received from using of Cookie and history of the website.

Article 12 (Period of keeping Personal Information)

Company will terminate those has been no longer using the service provided without delaying.

Article 13 (Change of Using Purpose)

Company will be able to change the needed part. About the rules that has been changed, Company will use the website for Users to display changes in 1 month. At the same time, except Users asked for deleting the Personal Information, other Users will consider agree with changes.

Article 14 (About the result of freedom or not being able to provide sufficient Personal Information)

It’s own responsibility to choose if providing personal information or not and if not being able to provide personal information that Company asked for or insufficient will influence the result in the future.

Article 15 Legislation

The current form of [Divergent Terms of Use] is expressed in four languages: japanese, english, simplified chinese, traditional chinese. If any kind of trouble occur on account of the difference of languages. The japanese form shall prevail.

[About Contacting Protection of Personal Information]

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Additional Note: Conduct from 1st of April, 2015/11/1

Additional Rules: Revised and applied at 1st of May 2016

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