About Member Registration

Q.Is there any charge to register a member?
A.The recruitment for both member and companies are all free.
Q.Can I still register as a memebr even I don't have the email address?
A.You will need to use email address to register member. If you don't have email address, please register the new email address

About Login

Q.Not able to Log in.
A.Please check the cookies of the browser and Java script if it's working. Then please enter the email ad dress and password that you registered in the designate column.If it appears [ID or Password is different], there is mistake on the information filled in, please check again.
Q.I heve forgetten my password.
A.There is [Forget your password] to lead you to the process of creating new password

About the company that you applied

Q.If I don't register as member, will I still be able to recruit on this website?
A.The recruitment within [Divergent] will need to register as a member. Please register with us to enjoy our service
Q.I would like to quit the recruitment
A.The recruitment and cancelation will need to contact with the company directly. It will not be able to cancel the recruitment through [Divergent]


Q.Please teach me how to cancel the membership
A.Once conducted the cancelation, the personal information, recruitment information to companies will all be deleted. Please note that the recruitment history will not be able to access. Also for the companies, the status of you will be resigned and they will not be able to read through your personal information. If you would like to cancel, click here and go through the procedure to cancel.
Q.Is there any recommended browser (recommended environment)?

Divergent is best viewed with browser below.
Customers who use older or beta browser versions or other browsers may experience visual or functional difficulties with some pages.


  • Google Chrome Latest ver.  Download
  • Mozilla Firefox Latest ver.  Download
  • Safari Latest ver.

※ Internet Explorer is out of support at any version.

※ We recommend “1024px × 768px” or higher as monitor resolution.


[ OS ]
iOS8 or higher, Android4.4 or higher

[ Browser ]

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

※ The website is best viewed using both recommended OS and recommended browser.

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