Expands possibility of cafe

Cafe Company

Nicolas san(left) Autumn san (right)

「Café Company」operates many kind of restaurant or café more than 100 stores all over the world. They make communication atmosphere through café.
This time, We have an interview on Nicolas san and Autumn san who engage in recruiting, and planning new business!

Let me know about Café company?

Nicolas san) Café company operates many types of café or restaurant. But we regard café as the communication space. Our philosophy is to construct such town, community as people can enjoy. So when we open new café or restaurant, we think over its concept considering many things like its region feature, personal feature on people living near café …etc. And now we have more than 100 café and restaurant and more than 30 brands. So we have to hire different kind of cook, waiter. It’s actually hard but It’s also fun for us.

Q. Please let me know how you think about the difference between “Service” and “Hospitality”?

Autumn san) I had wanted to think that “I want to live in Japan in the future” since I was university student in U.S, and then I came to Nagoya to go to Japanese university.
Through this experience, I felt I want to work in Japan, and find Café company through job hunting activity in Japan. First I regard Café company as just café shop, but after researching it I find that Café company isn’t just café shop and they engage in many kind of business. So I feel I can work on many projects in Café company, I start to work in Café company. First I worked at café at Koenji, and I feel the difference on the sense of values toward “Service” between Japan and U.S. In U.S. ,“service” is regarded as doing tasks not to lack for customers. But in Japan, It’s not enough to just give service to customers, and required to act considering customer’s needs or emotion. Through this experience I learn about “Hospitality”.

Q. Would you tell me what you want to do in Café company?

Nicolas san) I’d like to make Café company to global company. We plan to promote globalization not only on HR side but on company system side, for example we make our HP or Corporate Information written in many languages. The first step is promoting globalization in our corporate, and after that we start to work on global project like expanding our business to overseas.

Autumn san) I want to plan such excellent events as many kind of people are able to know about us , regardless of human race, age and gender.