Global staffs thinks about "Working in Japan"

Oak House

①Chin Keyic san (Taiwan)   ②Chin Zuyu san(Taiwan)   ③James san(U.S.)  ④ Maxim san (France)

“Oak House” serves wide variety of share houses to not only Japanese people but foreign people. There are many foreign staffs to serve their service to foreign residents in Japan. And they start their original business. For example they created new service named social activity through which residents can communicate each other freely. This time we conducted interview on some foreign staffs working at Oak House.

Q. I hear that there are many foreign staffs in Oak House. When do you feel good about following fact that Oak House are composed of many kind of foreign staff?

James san) We can work using not only our native language but Japanese, so we can work under global environment. Of course we also use legal knowledge through work, so we can keep growing up every day.
Maxim san) I always feel interest about we serve our service using native language and Japanese. Actually we are from different countries each other, but we are on good terms with each other and can speak Japanese at least a little, so we can communicate smoothly.
Keyic san) It’s good that we have good relationship. So if someone have troubles about client, we help him (her) each other!
Zuyu san) I think it’s good thing that our jobs are big and staffs are required to have responsibility about jobs.

Q. What should foreign people notice when they think over their career in Japan?

James san) I guess the number of foreign people who want to work in Japan are more and more increasing. And in association with that, foreign employees are being required to have their original strength and skills in addition to Japanese language skill. So foreign job seeker should clear what you want to achieve through job.
Divergent HR representative) That’s right. I always take interviews on jobseekers from foreign country. When I do that, I always recognize following fact that many foreign people regard their native language skill as their strength. But we, HR representative, want to know their personality or their sense of values. So we want them to explain us that on job hunting interview.

Q. Please give some advice to job seekers from foreign countries!

Keyic san) If you have dream on your career, you should make effort to achieve that. But If you don’t, I recommend that you experience many kind of jobs. If you experience many kind of jobs, you may find a dream.
James san) On the job hunting interview, It’s important to decide which your strength you promote to the interviewer.
Zuyu san) Actually It might be hard to work in Japan, but encourage yourself and never give up!