The option to work at startup company in Japan


Navira san

“MAHA Co., Ltd” does branding business for company and business consulting. They are making effort to make themselves global organization, so they look like actively work on diversity. We have an interview with Navira san from Indonesia. She has decided her career path, her work by herself. We ask her about how to decide her career path, how to think about business in Japan ..etc.

Q. Why do you decide to work in Japan?

A. I start my job hunting activity. First, I want to work at big company, but I think ”I want to challenge on business ground when I’m fresh business woman ”.And, I also think that I want to go to Business school before long. Considering these terms, I decided to work at start up company. After that I got offer from start up online research company, and I brushed up my skill through job. But at autumn in 2014, one of my friend ask me to work new startup company which he established. I was moved by company ‘s vision and decide to work there. This company is MAHA. In MAHA we engage in branding, photography business for tourist to Japan, planning event for Japanese and Indonesian governments and so on.

Q. What do you think the Japanese business features are?

A. There are many features in Japanese business scene. First, it seems that the process to start to work is original. In Japan almost all junior students start to job hunting activity, and start to work after graduate. Next, the promotion system in company is characteristic all over the world. In Japanese company, salary and promotion are mostly dependent on employee’s age. I think this system has good side and bad side. But I focus on its bad side and decide to work in startup company which adopt performance based system. I recognize these facts, I make MAHA rules. For example, we partly adopted performance based system. We think, By performance based system, employees can acquire active consciousness toward work.

Q. Would you like to give some advice to job seekers?

A. I think it’s important to decide your career by yourself regardless of your acquaintance’s opinion. Actually, many of your friends may apply for many companies(more than 50) , but you don’t have to do so necessarily. And it’s also important to find such job as you can do, you are required to do and you want to do. Please think over your career in order not to regret!